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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  April 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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>> looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together, and seeing what the future holds. >> we invite you to watch fox 5 for complete coverage of the royal wedding, friday, april 29th. we're going to air it live on fox 5 morning news, and we'll stream it live on that is a wrap on the 10. your news edge starts right now. the state department is warning americans to stay away from more locations in mexico now. thanks for joining us. i'm will thomas. the government is telling you to avoid some popular areas. >> reporter: cutting off nonsensual travel. this new warning from the state department means most americans should not go to parts of 11 mexican states. that almost doubles the number
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of states the u.s. government has already been concerned about. this comes after another out break of violence in acapulco, at a time when many mexicans and tourists tourists would be headed for the beaches there. six women, one was 14 years old, were found brutally murdered. according to one mexican newspaper, there were 137 drug murders in that state alone just last month. it's clear from the warning the violence is spreading to areas frequented by americans. >> not only is the geographic scope of the warning to u.s. citizens increased, but it's now begun to creep into the tourist areas. so this is i think raising the profile of the drug problem in mexico in a way that it hasn't been so far. >> reporter: last week more than two dozen bodies were found in a mass grave in the
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state of durango. carnage from mexico's drug war has claimed 36,000 lives. the latest reports of violence, especially the murders in acapulco, have to be deeply concerning for mexican officials, because so much of the country's economy relies on tourists. >> what does this mean if you have a trip booked for business or vacation? a short time ago i spoke with a d.c. travel agent. here's more. >> as soon as the state department ups their warnings, most of the airlines will do the domino theory, and as soon as one says they'll refund or allow you to revoke your travel, then all the others fall in line. it's obviously in their interest to make sure, them and cruise lines, that any passenger is safe. >> so far, no word of refunds for tickets, but that might
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change soon. she says she wouldn't advise travel to mexico now. a traffic headache about to get underway. construction on the new york avenue bridge. backups likely so bad, d.c.'s department of transportation is trying to lure you into taking public transportation. roz plater is here. >> it's program is called bridge fox. fifty dollars a month to get to work. and they're warning delays may be twice as bad as usual. the work is scheduled to start about 5:00 tomorrow morning. over the next two years, they're replacing the two spans of the new york avenue bridge. it sits over railroad tracks that carry trains into union station. north and south bands are on the same girder, and lanes will decrease from six to four. some commuters say it's not
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pact cal -- practical. >> we'll pay $50 towards mass transit or van pooling, that sort of thing. it's an incentive to get people to try something other than driving on new york avenue. >> there are parts of maryland, people who work in d.c., where the metro is not that readily accessible. so it will lengthen their commute, if they had to drive to metro station, park and take the metro into the city. it may not be practical for a lot of people. >> if you're going to drive, the agency says, give yourself an extra 15 to 30 minutes to get to work on time. >> thank you. president obama and his family left the white house to celebrate easter sunday at a d.c. church rich in history. the president and the first lady and daughters attended services at shiloh baptist, one of the oldest congregations in the district. there they are in the limo.
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the pastor didn't want our cameras inside. those who saw the president in person were moved. >> he did speak to one of our members. actually one of our oldest members, eunice smith. when the president left out, he actually came to her. she's an elderly lady that's challenged in terms of walking. >> i wondered, how would i see the president? not going to be walking around on the street or anything. i cried. >> the church was founded by freed slaves in 1863. ♪ the largest catholic church in the united states full of worshipers for this easter sunday. the basilica opened its doors to celebrate christians' belief that jesus rose from the dead.
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about 100,000 christians gathered in st. peters square to celebrate mass with pope benedict xvi. >>(translator): may the splendor of christ reach. in the current conflict in libya, may those who suffer be given access to humanitarian aid. >> happy easter to all of you from fox 5. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, a kind of race you really don't need running shoes, you need something else. maybe 3-inch heels. you'll see what i mean. i don't wear 3-inch heels. keeping an eye to the skies, we've had storms all over the place tonight, and it's not over yet. i'll have details on what you can expect the rest of the night and your upcoming work week.
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we'll be back after the break.   
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very active night in the weather department. plenty of storms during the course of this afternoon, and evening. still, storms pushing to the east now, stretching from the south to annapolis. moving through with gusty winds. some had small hail and a fair
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amount of lightning. we're going to show you some of the lightning strikes. pretty strong through the area. as i mentioned, some of these areas seeing some heavier pockets of rainfall as well. it will start to decrease. we expect to see a few lingering showers, so be prepared. anywhere from .25-inch to 1- inch of hail. downed trees as well in howard and clarke counties and gusty wind throughout many of our neighborhoods. 82 at national today. 84 at dulles. the same at baltimore. 13 to 17 degrees warmer than the average high for today. and this really contributed with sunshine to the storms you're seeing, because it really caused a lot of the atmosphere to be unstable. we have a very warm air mass across our region. 65 now at national.
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76at fredericksburg. 66at baltimore this hour. 65degrees at winchester. that warm air will be sticking around through the next 24 hours, at least the beginning of the week for a few days as well. here's a stationary frontal system, causing energy riding along this front. as we move through into monday, the same story, except we're going to see more shine. a slight chance, 20% chance of this lingering wet weather into the morning hours tomorrow. we'll be back to brighter skies. by tomorrow night, a chance of storms kicking up again. will move tuesday to the north as a warm front. tuesday a much drier day. later in the week, another strong front, about thursday. in the meantime, here's your day planner for tomorrow. midday, around 82 degrees. a very warm day. fair amount of sunshine with a
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few clouds. 85 the high tomorrow. tonight, mostly cloudy. isolated storm and shower here or there. 66 overnight low. tomorrow, warming up to 85. chance of early morning showers and we get a break and late night a chance of storms in the forecast. your five-day forecast showing you that tuesday will be a nice day. wednesday we start out nicely, and by wednesday night, chance of storms. strong cold front moves in thursday. that's where we can see more severe weather kicking in. friday, back to sunshine. take a look at the temperatures, 80s. you'll want to pump up the ac. when the cold front moves through thursday, we see the temperatures drop. down to 74. 69 by friday. little bit more to where we should be temperature-wise. mother nature has been giving us a little bit of a treat. what does it mean? pump up the ac. keep your eyes to the sky. it's spring, and storms like this come in at this time of
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year. thanks. happens around here, around halloween. in the florida keys, it happens at easter time. the annual drag queen race. they worked their way down the streets in heels. they did get breaks in the running to have people push them in cars. no other story in this newscast has garnered this much attention in the studio. look at him go. there's another one. gwen, you don't wear heels this big? >> no 3-inch heels for me. >> at least they got good weather there. be prepared for possible popup storms. it is that time of the year. keep it here on fox 5, lindsay murphy is up next with nissan sports extra. that's a wrap on the news edge at 11:00. but we're always on right here, have a great and safe night. 
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